Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for 2021

girl with braid in mouth

It's 2021 and Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Wondering what Valentine's Day gift ideas can make your Love Day special this year?

#1 - Flavored Body Butter

flavored body butter

Kiss me this Valentine’s Day and every day.  Kiss me all over with Ooh La La’s Flavored Body Butter. It not only smells like the flavor but tastes like it too.  Our body butter flavors range from Succulent Strawberry, Luscious Mango and Juicy Peach to Mellow Marshmallow, Moist Birth Cake and Fresh Peppermint.  Twenty-five flavors to choose from. There are Flavors for everyone.

These body butters make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or child!

#2- Scented Sugar Scrub

scented sugar scrubs

Whether alone or with the one you love you deserve to be pampered!  Enjoy the spa experience at home with your own scented sugar scrub.  After running a warm bath, take your cloth or sponge and apply Ooh La La’s Custom Scented Sugar Scrub generously on your body, hands, and feet.  Then, upon exiting the shower/tub and without drying, apply Ooh La La’s Custom Scented Body Butter.  It will leave your skin silky smooth and singing "ooh la la"

This sugar scrub also makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for 2021!


#3- Custom Scented Body Butter & Moisturizing Cream 

valentines day gift ideas 2021

You may have never known your skin could feel so good until now.  Our custom scented body butter and moisturizing cream will make your skin feel the way it was intended: soft, supple, and silky smooth. Spice up your Valentine's Day this year with this intimate experience enhancer, and you won't soon forget this holiday!

#4- Organic & Natural Soaps

organic bar soap

Gift-boxed and ready to give to that special someone or to yourself--our organic bar soaps are great for this romantic holiday. Add five organic soap bars to your cart and you'll get a limited edition bar soap dish included! 




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